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UOVISION is a mature company with main products in the hunting and wireless camera, which was co-founded in 2011 by two Ph. D.s and other elites from fields in electronic products R & D, manufacturing, and marketing and sales management. With approximate 100 employees and over 3000 square meters business area, Uovision also got the national high-tech certificate.

Furthermore, the first phase of the investment was all by, and for the entrepreneurial team, thus to share the risk, achieving the same goal, and enjoy the results…

Based on the combination of patented technology and know-how in image processing, communication, leading optical technology, the company has independently developed several series of digital hunting camera products; also through the patented technology we therefore could ensure that our customer would enjoy the quality products and get win-win cooperation in the long term.

Global market demand-oriented, strong product definition capabilities; effective and practical R & D support; continuous new products upgrading and developing;  flexible and fast after-sale service … all these factors ensure a strong branded UOVISION.

With the manufacturing and support center in Shenzhen, and branch offices in Hong Kong, the EU and the United States, we have built up a strong front and a strong after-sales service system to have already attracted many area distributors to join, the brand "UOVISION" was well-recognized in almost 20 countries and regions and is becoming the synonymous with high quality digital image monitoring products.

With the company's development and growth, we will continuously enroll elites with the same philosophy to create a true platform that for all the employees. We are creating more cameras to satisfy the hunting industry, customer requirements, and the market demand, to realize the vision of yours and ours...