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Product Assistant

    Number of applicants:1

    Job requirements:

    1、electronic information technology related professional, bachelor's degree in engineering;

    2、with electronic information technology research and development or testing of 2 years or above working experience;

    3、English level CET6 above, can complete the product English instruction and the propaganda material compilation;

    4、good writing skills, copywriting ability, with independent writing many technical documents experience;

    5、The work is careful, attention to details, strong sense of responsibility, strong learning ability;

    6、Gentle and able to communicate with other department employees patiently.

    Operating duty:

    1、Assist product director and product manager to complete the daily management of the Department, and form good communication with other departments;

    2、Complete the preparation and verification of product brochures and publicity materials;

    3、To be responsible for the follow-up and implementation of certification;

    4、Assist product director to finish other daily copy management.

Sales Assistant

    Number of applicants:1 People

    Job requirements:

    1、English level CET-6 or above, good English writing ability and certain oral communication ability;

    2、College degree or above, international trade, English and other related professionals;

    3、Understand the import and export business process, familiar with foreign trade import and export business, with more than 2 years of foreign trade sales experience;

    4、Have good communication and coordination and executive ability, work earnestly and seriously, quick and sharp response, strong sense of responsibility, careful work, rigorous work;

    5、Proficient in using office and other office software。

    Operating duty:

    1、Follow up orders, follow up delivery and abnormal feedback, the corresponding amount of shipment expediting and confirmation;

    2、The internal production follow up, to the production department issued customer orders, orders to organize weekly meeting arrange order production order; order tracking, feedback, timely understand and follow up the production order, the instant data entry in ERP system;

    3、Logistics arrangements should be requested to arrange the shipping, air transport, international express logistics, follow up; shipment data preparation: customs clearance, export customs declaration data; exception handling; recovery and timely follow up customs clearance fee;

    4、After sales service, rework and follow up;

    5、Sales data sorting and making reports.

Test Engineer

    Number of applicants2 People

    Job requirements

    1、College degree or above, electronic related major;

    2、3 years or more working experience;

    3、Familiar with the testing standard, using knowledge of test instruments and tools;

    4、Engaged in camera testing is preferred;

    5、Good adaptability, careful work, good teamwork ability, strong sense of responsibility.

    Operating duty

    1、Participate in the formulation of relevant testing standards;

    2、Participate in the formulation of project test syllabus;

    3、Perform test according to test plan;

    4、Release test report;

    5、Assist engineer to solve test product problem.

Embedded Software Development Engineer

    Number of applicants:Some

    Job requirements

    1、Associate degree or above in regular college, major in electronics, communication and computer, more than 3 years work experience;
    2、Familiar with ARM structure, experience with ARM embedded platform;

    3、Have GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth module development experience is preferred;

    4、Proficient in C/C++ programming ability, good code writing, document writing and document management ability;
    5、Proactive, responsible, cheerful, strong communication skills and team spirit.

    Operating duty

    1、according to the functional requirements, develop software solutions and architecture evaluation and establishment;
    2、responsible for the application development of embedded products, complete the functional design requirements of the customer, can independently undertake projects;
    3、the company's existing products, improve the software optimization and maintenance;
    4、write test code, debug function, write the test documents and the use of the product;
    5、help solve the problems in the use of the product, and then summarized and improved.