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UOVision Technology (Shenzhen)Co., LTD

UOVision is a mature company with main products in the hunting and wireless camera, which was co-founded in 2011 by two Ph.D.s (Dr. Jens Li got his Ph.D. degree in Germany after his bachelor’s degree in Tsinghua University, Dr. Ma Guolin got his Ph.D. degree in the USA after his bachelor’s degree in Beijing University), and other elites from fields in electronic products R & D, manufacturing, and marketing and......

  • 4-5th Floor, A1 Building,shunheda factory , Liuxiandong Industrial Zone Xili street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City

  • Tel:+86-755-8652-8612

  • Fax:+86-755-8636-6095

  • Email:sales@uovision.com